Sola Felt Panel with Net pattern in Zinc

Sola Felt

Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled PET. Sola Felt is designed to be attractive, environmentally sound, and embedded with acoustic properties.

Sola Felt Solutions

Utilizing PET technology for good.

Our expertise in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) grew from a desire to create high-design solutions, without sacrificing performance and sustainability. PET, commonly found in water bottles, is recycled into pellets that are then extruded into thin, soft fibers. Layers of these fibers are then pressed together to create a sheet of sound absorbing Sola Felt.

PET Technology Cycle

Acoustic Properties

Absorptive materials soften reverberation and dampen sound energy in a space. Absorption is ideal for loud conference rooms or open spaces where people congregate.

Illustration of absorbing sound
  • Sola Felt Ruby swatch


  • Sola Felt Aries swatch


  • Sola Felt Citrine swatch


  • Sola Felt Cashmere swatch


  • Sola Felt Burnt Umber swatch

    Burnt Umber

  • Sola Felt Hunter swatch


  • Sola Felt Oxford swatch


  • Sola Felt Admiral swatch


  • Sola Felt Moon swatch


  • Sola Felt Zinc swatch


  • Sola Felt Nickel swatch


  • Sola Felt Armor swatch


  • Sola Felt Mineral swatch


  • Sola Felt Cast swatch


  • Sola Felt Ebony swatch


Color Portfolio

Sola Felt is ¼” thick with a Class A fire rating and is available in 15 colors.

Sola Felt Solutions

Seeyond Sola Felt Wall Feature with Cusp Pattern in Zinc


Create a private space, contain sound, and build a more comfortable environment with this absorptive, modular tile system.

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Sola Felt Wall Panel with Net Pattern in Zinc

Hush Clad

Elevate any space with tackable, sound absorbing Sola Felt. Available in six pattern options.

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Hush Blocks Sola Felt wall feature in hunter, nickel, mineral and ebony.

Hush Blocks

3form’s new Hush Blocks are an excellent way to add color, texture, and sound absorption to any space.

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Clario Sola Felt baffle ceiling tiles in zinc.


Transform an overhead space with the soft texture and geometric pattern of Clario baffles.

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Divy Sola Felt Partition Baffle with Net Pattern in Nickel with black oxide hardware.


Transform vertical space with rigid acoustic panels highlighted with geometric patterns. The suspended Divy partitions and baffles absorb sound and double as tackable surfaces.

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Edge Sola Felt Arc Partition in Zinc


Made up of decorative modular fins, the Edge system evokes a sense of movement and rhythm.

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Sola Felt Panel with Net pattern in Zinc

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