Create fun and functional spaces that facilitate impromptu meetings, private conversation, or areas of focus.

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HooDoo in green with writeable surfaces.

Infinite design, simple installation

HooDoo is made with Varia, a lightweight, sustainable material that allows you to customize color, design, and translucency. The pre-formed panels, custom hardware, and nested packaging make HooDoo's installation simple and affordable.

HooDoo design feature

Engineered for Acoustics

Our acoustic engineers designed HooDoo so the shape, materials, and configuration combine to create a quiet and comfortable environment. The unique angles deflect sound downward where the Hush Base catches and dampens the sound.

Noise Reduction Coefficient Icon NRC .95 | SAA .92 | aw .85 (MH)

HooDoo is Engineered

Engineered for Structure

HooDoo is engineered to leverage the structural charateristics of Varia panels. Simple hardware, clever geometry, and nothing more give HooDoo an assembly time of under an hour.

HooDoo is Engineered for Structure

Engineered for Shipping

With parts that nest and pack flat, HooDoo is as simple to ship as it is to assemble. Creating a private space in any environment has never been easier.

HooDoo is Engineered for Shipping
HooDoo with Writeable Surfaces

Writeable Surfaces

Utilize Varia’s Writeable finish option to turn any interior or exterior surface into a tool for collaboration, or a place to jot something down.

Profile View Dimensions

HooDoo Profile View Dimensions

Plan View Dimensions

HooDoo Plan View Dimensions

Hardware & Accesories

Complete assembly hardware is included with every HooDoo. Available in two finishes.

Add an exterior shelf to double the functionality of HooDoo.

Hush Base acoustic panels.

HooDoo hardware
HooDoo shelf
HooDoo hush base
Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless Steel

Block Oxide Finish

Black Oxide


With SimpleSpec we have simplified selections so you can focus on what matters most, the design.

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HooDoo installation in yellow